12 Tips for Engaging Your Team Members in 2015


1. Sit down with your team members individually and let them know what you appreciate about them and their contributions to the team.

2. Ask each team member to write down their individual and collective accomplishments for the past year. Combine these into a single document and pass it along to your boss. Ask your boss to take the time to visit the team and acknowledge their achievements, and, ask that he/she pass the document along to his/her boss!

3. Hold a “stay interview” with each team member asking questions such as:

a. What gets you excited about your job?
b. What would get you more excited?
c. If you could change one thing about your job, team or company, what would it be?
d. Do you have talents or skills that you feel are not being fully utilized?
e. What would you like to accomplish over the next year?
f. How can I best support you in achieving your goals?

4. Give team members more autonomy and decision making responsibility.

5. Give team members exposure to upper management, e.g., have them participate in a meeting in your stead.

6. Provide team members with regular positive feedback.

7. Roll up your sleeves” and jump in to help out when you can.

8. Ask team members for their advice.

9. Be transparent and explain the “why” behind decisions.

10. Involve team members in solving a problem or making a decision – especially when it impacts their job!

11. Encourage team members to take risks and let them know that you believe in and trust them.

12. Take a personal (and appropriate) interest in your team members’ families and their hobbies.

Happy New Year!

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