Dave Felkel, Founder of Guarantee3 on Talented People Television

Dave Felkel is the proud creator of Guarantee3. Dave told Talented People that he created Guarantee3 to improve his son’s basketball game after his son had told him that he had a weak shot. Guarantee3 is a Santa Choice award winner and Dave’s product has been selling all over the country.

Santa Choice Awards

Santa Choice Awards

Guarantee3 has been used by all skill levels, from beginners who have never touched a basketball, to players with 20+ years of experience. Boys, girls, men and women have all used Guarantee3 to improve their games. Guarantee3 will make your shot stronger, improve your left and right handed dribbling skills and develop muscle memory for practice and game time confidence. Guarantee3 comes with a 6 week workout designed for all ages. Guarantee3 can be used anytime, anywhere so you can train without a ball or a court.


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