Mayor of Clinton, Janice Kovach with Jeanne Murphy on Talented People

Talented People gets a chance to sit down with Mayor Janice Kovach, who talks about what it’s like to run for Congress and the milestones and challenges she made along the way.

Janice is also running for another term for Mayor of Clinton. She is an author, speaker and advocate for women running for office and advancing in business.

Janice Kovach won election as Mayor of Clinton NJ in November 2011. Janice’s decision to run for Mayor was two-fold. She loves the Town of Clinton and wanted to play a role in how the town was going to move forward. She brings her business savvy approach to municipal government. Her second reason came after watching the results of the 2010 midterm elections and how women were portrayed by the media and other women. She realized that until women became part of the decision-making process and “had a seat at the table”, they would forever be under-represented. Janice spends volunteer time training and mentoring women who want to run for office, giving them the resources necessary to play in the political arena.


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