Meet Lisa Orman, President of KidStuff Public Relations

Talented People Radio™ Features Toy Industry Expert
Lisa Orman, President, KidStuff Public Relations


Learn about Lisa Orman and her firm, KidStuff Public Relations, in addition to hearing about some of the most popular toys out there today. Host Jeanne Murphy and Lisa Orman discuss the value of public relations for both start-ups and successful companies and Lisa explains how social media plays into her client’s connecting
with their target market consumers.

Lisa Orman established KidStuff Public Relations in 1994 out of her home near Madison, Wisconsin after securing the public relations account for Zany Brainy. Recently a mom herself, she knew the importance of being able to understand children and assembled a team of moms (and a dad) with experience in public relations, and more importantly—parenting. Orman used her past experiences as a writer for the Des Moines Register, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and USA Today to give her a better understanding of when, why and how to successfully pitch to a reporter.


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