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Within Your Grasp

keith_dankoIn this outcome-obsessed society, too many business folks grope desperately for success, forgetting the very reason they were attracted to business in the first place.  Keith Danko joins us on Talented People Radio to set us on the infinitely more satisfying path toward a fulfilling career. Having risen with marked success to the top of one of business’ most competitive arenas, Danko passes on not a step-by-step guide, but rather an original, carefully thought out philosphy of conduct and attitude that leads to an enriched life, employing the strengths we already possess. Banishing the distractions
of futile comparison, competition, and attitude makeovers, Danko invites individuals to manage the processes surrounding them – and guess what? You already hold the tools you need. Absolutely any gentleman or lady seeking more out of their business life will want to listen and learn from from these insights.