Paint The View




10590672_10204331430236690_3987698722198967856_nPaint The View is a movement for artists to come together and paint the view for charity.  with There are events all over the countryside.  Proceeds to go The Marriah Foundation.

How It Works:

Artists come together in fabulous locations to gather and “Paint The View”.  Original Paintings are then donated to “Paint The View” and promoted.  Several weeks later there is a fundraiser (Usually in that same magnificent spot) and proceeds from sale of the paintings are donated to The Marriah Foundation, which benefits children in need.

What Do Artists Get Out of Paint The View?

Well a lot of things, actually!  Artists who participate can submit their Bios and stories and links to their websites and will be  featured on “Paint The View” website and Social Media Outlets.  Artists of the paintings that bring in the most money for Marriah Foundation are featured on Talented People Radio and Television Segments.