Marriah Gold Winner – Softstone, Inc., “Creator of Joy”

marriah-media-goldSoftStone, CJ and his family of characters hope to heighten the awareness of the importance of raising the new generation of children with emotional intelligence. Children with emotional intelligence are able to sustain their lives with an emotional well-being and awareness that promotes kindness, compassion, accountability, resilience, and peaceful, loving environments. We hope to leave them a legacy of a more genuine world.

The website provides games and activities for parents, teachers and children to play together.

The Marriah Gold Award recognizes outstanding parenting and educational products.  Our independent reviewers consist of the most discriminating parents and kids testing products.  Awards are given to  the highest quality products!

We know how many  awards programs but to differentiate ours a little from the rest, we created our own distribution points for product features and promotions of our award winners.