Six Tips on Why Awards Are Important


images-41. An award seal given by a third party organization provides immense credibility to any industry item. Examples include the perception and respect given by winners of awards such as: The Grammy’s, J.D. Power and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.


Unknown-62. It’s been proven over and over again that consumers will purchase an award-winning product that displays an award seal over another similar product without an award seal.


Unknown-73. Award seals open up distribution relationships! Retailers look for and consider award-winning products over other proposals. It also sends a message to the retailer(s), that the owner of the product will assist in the marketing and PR of the product, which is key and invaluable to a retailer.



4. Award programs usually display and promote their award winning items both online and in print, which adds SEO lift and opens opportunities for free PR.




Are Public Relations Campaigns Worth It5. Proactive award winners usually get at least a feature story in their local and regional media and an award seal recipient has the opportunity to issue a press release to the general media.


Unknown-86. Award winners are able to add the seal to their banners and tradeshow backdrops (Step and Repeats) which calls attention to buyers and the media.




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